As a homeowner, you’ll probably spend a lot of time looking for ways to add a personal touch to your home whilst also increasing its market value. 

From large scale renovation to adding a few simple yet effective touches, there is a whole host of ways in which a builder can help modernise your home to the highest standard.

The skilled and friendly team at Atkins Home Improvement have decades of experience in a wide range of construction trades. This means our builders at Milton Keynes are fully capable of undertaking any home improvement project and bringing you one step closer to achieving the modern home of your dreams.

Ultimately, a detailed plan and a clear cut schedule of work is vital for any home renovation project to run smoothly. This is particularly true if you plan to continue to live in the home during a renovation. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the ways in which Buckinghamshire local builders can modernise your home.

Home Renovation and Modern Features

Not sure if you can afford to add entire new rooms to your house? Don’t fret as you can transform your property into the modern home of your dreams by optimising your existing home spaces. Working with experienced Milton Keynes builders is essential to getting this right.

Our building specialists put time into researching all the contemporary trends in home renovation. Therefore, you can be confident that we’ll be installing only the most tasteful and modern features when renovating your home.

You’ll be amazed with how different your home can look with a fresh style and some nifty features added. We thoroughly believe that home decor should never be neglected when it comes to modernising a home. Therefore, we fit the likes of sliding doors, various lighting options and modern fireplaces for our clients.

Unlocking the Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you want just one room to be modernised, then it has to be the kitchen. For many homeowners, this is the most treasured room in the house. By working with an experienced builder, you can get help with a wide range of kitchen designs that come in all shapes and sizes. 

Our professional kitchen fitters will work in tandem with our other home improvement experts to help you craft a kitchen that will keep in line with the overall theme of your house. From a minor change to a complete renovation, Atkins Home Improvements will help you with every step of the kitchen redesign process. For example, we can take care of removing the old parts, plumbing everything in and installing your new units to pristine condition. 

This is a true benefit of working with a home improvement service. Not only can we help with resurfacing your kitchen, but we can also handle all the necessary plumbing work that will arise. 

Already know exactly what you want from your new kitchen? All you need to do is inform our team and they will go out and find all the parts and materials necessary for the installation.

Kitchen resurfacing is a simple, affordable and effective way of modernising your kitchen. Using only the highest quality and world-class products, our Milton Keynes builders can transform all of your existing cupboards, drawers, benchtops, tiled splashbacks and other kitchen features without the need to replace your existing furniture.

The Importance of the Bathroom

“With every bathroom renovation, there are three areas that I focus on: budget, function and style.” – Kandice Olson, interior design and home-makeover expert

Your bathroom isn’t just a functional utility. It’s a place to unwind, relax, wash off the stresses of the day and get ready for the next challenge. With this in mind, a revamped bathroom can help you to start and end each day in the right frame of mind.

It is vital when looking to invest in a home renovation project that you choose a company that is fully trained to deal with bathroom installations. 

By working with a building service who can cover all aspects of project management, you will be guaranteed a consistent result on your renovation. Atkins Home Improvements have a team of expert home improvement specialists who offer a number of bathroom fitting options, including local plumbing and tiling. 

Firstly, it is important to get a survey done from an experienced bathroom fitter, so that you can make a fully informed decision. By working with us for multiple aspects of the building process, your bathroom can be renovated in a high quality, consistent, timely and cost-effective manner from start to finish.

Bathrooms that are specially made for disability access are also readily available as part of our Milton Keynes building service. Catering to disabled occupants is an important part of modern day life, especially for those who frequently have visitors, such as bed and breakfast owners. The installation of a walk-in shower is one way in which we can help as well as a raised-height toilet and carefully positioned grab rails.

If you’re interested in achieving the modern and functional bathroom of your dreams, then why not get a no-obligation, free quote?

Garage Conversions

A simple garage conversion can go a long way into modernising your home through offering a whole host of exciting new spaces for your property. As an added bonus to your improved lifestyle, expect to see your property value rise significantly when investing in a garage conversion.

Garages can be converted into a number of exciting new spaces for your property. Home gyms, games rooms and private offices are just some of the ways in which a garage conversion can help modernise your home. 

Extending Your Home into Modernity

One of the most effective ways to achieve the modern home you’ve always wanted is through investing in house extensions or conversions. This may sound expensive but bespoke, yet affordable finance plans can be crafted to extend your home in the way that suits you and your situation.

Garage extensions and kitchen conversions are the obvious means of doing this but there are various other ways that you can modernise your home through the expert craftsmanship of a Milton Keynes based builders. Living room extensions and loft conversions are two ideal ways to create new space and open up the potential of your home.

How We Can Help

Are you ready to modernise your home? We run a number of services which could help, including kitchens, bathrooms, building works and property maintenance. 

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Atkins Home Improvements are a family run business, who are proud to offer transparent and expert service at a price that suits you. 

Your builders in Milton Keynes work with customers all over the local area, including Newport Pagnell and much more. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote and get the ball rolling on the house of your dreams.

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