“Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen.” – Alfred Hitchcock

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most treasured room in the house. The kitchen is the birthplace of special family moments, mealtimes and memories to last a lifetime. If you were going to refurbish and modernise just one room in the house, then it’s got to be the kitchen.

Working with experienced and talented Milton Keynes kitchen fitters will give you access to a wide range of kitchen designs that come in all shapes and sizes. Our professional kitchen fitters will work in tandem with our other home improvement experts to help you craft a kitchen that will keep in line with the overall theme of your house. 

Keep reading to discover how to get the dream result from your Milton Keynes kitchen fitters service. 

First Things First: Define Your Budget

What is potentially the most important tip in this whole list comes first: define your budget. It is vital that you define your budget before going into the kitchen redesign process. Milton Keynes kitchen fitters offer a wide variety of services which can transform your home, from simple resurfacing and plumbing to a complete overhaul of your kitchen. 

By setting out what you want and what your budget is, your kitchen fitters can then begin showing you the options in terms of recent examples and designs which could work for your home and budget. Once you’ve defined your budget, you should next contact your kitchen fitters service and arrange a suitable time for them to visit your property. They will discuss your needs and take any measurements needed, before getting back to you within 24 hours with a detailed valuation. 

This valuation will work with your budget and will be an extensive quote detailing labour costs and a breakdown of material costs, respective of the best price they could find on the market. Ultimately, this price will not change throughout the kitchen refitting and therefore you can lay safe in the knowledge that you won’t be forced to go over budget. 

Atkins Home Improvements wholly understand that sometimes you just need to overhaul your entire kitchen. We have the expertise and resources to be able to get you a modern and functional kitchen on a modest budget. Ultimately, we always aim to minimise the budget as low as possible whilst never compromising on quality for your home. 

Don’t Neglect the Plumbing

From a minor change to a complete renovation, kitchen refitters will help you with every step of the process. One top tip to remember is to take advantage of plumbing services as well as standard kitchen redesign.

Having the same team redesign your kitchen and do the plumbing is not only more practical and time effective, but it is also the best means of guaranteeing a consistent result for your home. The plumbing is a crucial part of kitchen redesign and needs to be planned in advance to ensure that there are no further complications down the line. 

When it comes to kitchen plumbing, Atkins Home Improvements will take care of removing the old parts, plumbing everything in and installing your new units to pristine condition. This is a true benefit of working with a home improvement service. Not only can we help with resurfacing your kitchen, but we can also handle all the necessary plumbing work that will probably arise with it.

See What Can Be Resurfaced

Some home improvements companies may try to entice you into redesigning your entire kitchen regardless of its current state. However, for those who are working on a budget or simply do not wish to replace certain aspects of their kitchen, kitchen resurfacing may be the choice for you. 

Kitchen resurfacing is a simple, affordable and effective way of modernising your kitchen. A major benefit of kitchen resurfacing is that, through working with the best service, it can be a seamless and simple operation. How?

Milton Keynes kitchen fitters can transform all of your existing cupboards, drawers, benchtops, tiled splashbacks and other kitchen features without the need to replace your existing furniture. They will also use only the highest quality and world-class products to ensure that they last for years and years. Ultimately, this is a great means of making your kitchen appear brand new whilst investing less cost and time.

Achieving a Creative Redesign Which Compliments Your Home

For those wanting complete overhaul of their kitchen in line with a new house, the best thing you can do is get creative with home improvement specialists with a wealth of expertise. A tip for ensuring that you produce you the best result possible is finding a kitchen fitter who also specialises in renovating entire homes.

Kitchen fitters who offer a wide range of services such as entire house redesign will be able to transform your kitchen with ease. Not only will they be highly competent, but they also will be able to work with the existing design of the rest of your home to ultimately produce a consistent result throughout the home.

Do you already know exactly what you want from your new kitchen? All you need to do is inform our team and they will begin planning the kitchen redesign process with you. They will also go out and find all the parts and materials necessary for the installation

The Milton Keynes Kitchen Fitters for You

Are you ready to unlock the kitchen of your dreams? 

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Atkins Home Improvements are a family run business, who are proud to offer transparent and expert service at a price that suits you. We also run a number of services including kitchens, bathrooms, building works and property maintenance. 

Your local Milton Keynes kitchen fitter work with happy customers all over the area, including Newport Pagnell and much more. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote and get the ball rolling on the home of your dreams.

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