It is so important that anyone who has special requirements can feel comfortable and independent in their own bathroom space. Just because an accessible bathroom requires specialist fixtures and fittings, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a stylish place to relax and unwind. 

At Atkins Home Improvements, our team of bathroom fitters Milton Keynes have put together a few of their favourite tips on how to make the most of your space and fit the perfect, sleek accessible bathroom for your home!

How Do I Make My Bathroom Accessible?

There are many ways to create an accessible bathroom, but one of the challenges is ensuring these modifications don’t clutter the available space. Having enough maneuverable space for wheelchair access is key. Other aspects to consider include:

Ground Level Entrance

To ensure that your bathroom is disability friendly, the best option is to eliminate the need for stair access. To do this, you should consider modifying an already existing room at ground level.

Wheelchair Accessible Door Width

To ensure that your bathroom is wheelchair accessible, the doorway should be widened to allow for the width of a wheelchair. Ideally, this should be at least 36 inches (92cm) wide.

Install Grab Rails 

Grab rails can be fitted next to toilets and within showers and baths to provide extra support, increase mobility and reduce the risk of any accidents from occurring, especially if the floor is wet! This not only brings peace of mind to the individual but can also aid in independent bathing or showering. 

Grab rails don’t have to be an eyesore! They can be fitted in almost any colour or size to complement the style and design of your bathroom.


Ensuring that your bathroom has adequate lighting is one of the most important factors when preventing an accident. Low lighting could result in a potential hazard going unnoticed. Bright lighting makes it easier to spot dangers and obstacles. 

Wall-mounted Toilet and Sinks

Floating disability toilets and sinks can be fitted to the wall of a bathroom and adjusted to suit the appropriate height of a wheelchair user. The plumbing and pipes are then fitted within the wall rather than on show underneath. This means that a wheelchair can be pulled right up to or underneath the facility, making the whole experience much smoother and more comfortable. 

Why not opt for a remote control or motion sensor toilet for ease of use and increased functionality? Some toilets can also be fitted with cleaning jets and air dryers for improved hygiene.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms or roll-in disability showers remove any potential barriers for those who struggle to open doors or maneuver themselves out of their chair and into a bath. The floor in a wet room is positioned at the same level throughout and equipped with tiles or a slip-resistant coating, allowing for easy rolling when moving across the floor.  

Grab rails provide extra support for those who can stand for a period of time, reducing the possibility of slipping or falling. These showers can even be fitted with a low-level seat for those who cannot or struggle to stand. Once finished, simply fold the seat back into its upright position against the wall, making it a great bathroom option for other members of the family. 

Walk-in Baths

A walk-in disability bath is a fantastic option for those who prefer bathing over showering. These baths are fitted with a watertight door that allows for easy wheelchair access or for those who struggle with their balance or are unable to lift their legs over the height of a bath. Both slip-proof flooring and grab rails can be installed to improve mobility.

Wall-mounted Cupboards And Shelves

The space-saving design of wall mounted cupboards and shelves are the perfect fit for an accessible bathroom and also adds a contemporary aesthetic to your space. They minimise the possibility of obstruction and can be fixed to a desired height to suit the needs of the individual. Depending upon the height, these fixtures also allow for a wheelchair or mobility device to be pulled up closer, increasing the ease of use.

How Can Atkins Home Improvements Help You?

At Atkins Home Improvements our bathroom fitters Milton Keynes have years of industry experience fitting accessible bathrooms and a keen eye for brilliant, ergonomic and space-saving design.

For more information or advice on how to transform your space into a beautiful accessible bathroom or to request your free no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01908 597933 or emailing us at

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