The ideal home isn’t an object but a project. It’s a process that involves creativity, quality carpentry and commitment to create a living environment that is just right for you. It’s about adding, adapting, and adjusting to find the perfect balance of solidity, safety and style.

Here are 5 amazing ways that carpentry can transform and perfect your living space.

(Crown) Mould Your Space

Moulding is a brilliant way to resize, restyle and restructure your home. This carpentry term refers to the various types of trim inside a home, and “crown moulding” specifically denotes ceiling trims. A good-quality crown mould fits together by a qualified trim carpenter can provide an invaluable addition to your home:

  • Moulding is a mask. Subtly cover over those unsightly gaps in your ceiling where different building materials have come together.
  • Lift your space. Crown moulding carpentry is increasingly centred on stylish and intricate decorative designs. Mouldings will therefore draw your eye up to make the ceiling feel higher, especially ideal for giving smaller spaces or lower-ceilinged rooms that little extra lift.
  • Moulding is affordable and long-lasting. Wood is a great choice for mouldings as it’s easier and cheaper than plaster to install and maintain and has a lower likelihood of cracking.

Every space is different. Your carpenter will help you evaluate the exact proportions of the size of the room and ceiling height to ensure that your crown moulding installation properly blends into and enhances your home.

Safe As Houses: Add A Fire Door

Safe as houses: it’s an adage that deserves to be respected. Your house must be able to offer you the very best protection in case of emergency. It all starts with fire door carpentry and installation.

Getting a perfect fit has never been of more importance. Close collaboration between you and a fully trained and competent joiner will make sure that your fire door will offer long-lasting performance. An ill-fitted fire door, with excessive gaps, issues around smoke sealing and a poorly adjusted door closer can have fatal consequences. When planning and overseeing internal door installation, make sure that:

  • The door has a FD30 fire safety option. This guarantees that the unit has been approved by an authorised United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) body to resist fire for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Essential ironmongery (locks, latches and hinges) are clearly CE marked and firmly fixed in place.
  • Your door has been fitted with the approved intumescent seals (which expand to fill gaps when subjected to heat) and frame material.
  • There is a 3mm gap between the door and the frame at the top and sides and that the threshold gap is of a size conformant to manufacturer’s instructions (typically around 3-10 mm, as detailed in your door certificate).
  • Any gaps between the door frame and the wall are tightly packed with packing material such as mineral wool.

Make Space For Storage Space

Cabinets aren’t just places to store things. They can also be centrepieces in your home. The industry of cabinet carpentry is expanding, largely driven by strong global rebounds in residential building construction. Kitchen cabinets have become an increasingly popular home improvement, with global revenue in the kitchen furniture segment expected to grow annually by 3.5%, according to Statistica.

However, with the rise of remote working and generally spending more time at home due to COVID-19, the need for various other types of custom cabinet carpentry is growing too. Here are some things to consider:

Where To Install

A stylish kitchen cabinet can make a striking addition to your cooking and dining space, which is something that can be custom-designed to complement kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Maybe you are looking for a useful storage space for your bathroom or a delicately-designed cabinet to house your personal items and cleaning supplies? Or perhaps what you need is something a little more specialised, such as somewhere to store valuables or craft supplies.

What Kind Of Cabinet?

Stock cabinets are fuss-free and less expensive. However, maybe you need something to better capture your home’s personality. With a semi-custom or fully-custom cabinet, you can better control the size, shape, colour, materials and finish to best suit you.

What Material?

 Cabinet carpentry today offers so many options. Wood-based materials can include:

  • Hardwood cabinets: solid maple is a great material for kitchen cabinets, being dense, stable and durable, especially if complemented with a polyurethane lacquer to keep moisture away. Different hardwoods offer subtly different characters. White oak has straighter grains, mahogany adds an air of warmth while walnut, which is similar in cost and hardness to mahogany, adds a touch of elegance to cabinets.
  • Softwood lumber: these are cheaper woods, and if treated effectively, can be just as durable as hardwoods. For a pleasing and rustic appearance, choose a softwood like pine with its knotty features and delicate amber tones.
  • Engineered wood products: examples of these include particleboard, plywood, medium-density fibreboard and MDF. These woods are warp-resistant and easier to customise as their surfaces can be enhanced with decorative laminates and attractive finishes.

Go For The Fences

You don’t need a massive garden to have use for a fence. Fences have practical and aesthetic benefits, offering shelter from the elements, a decorative draw, protection from intruders and noise-insulation. Fence carpentry comes down to deciding on a particular balance of these features.

  • Solid fence panels, featherboard, closeboard or feather-edge fencing are types of fences that provide ultimate privacy. Manufactured from strong, good quality timber, solid fences offer a strong screen without gaps between the slats or pales. Sawn timber pallets are secured to horizontal timber rails fixed onto a fence post.
  • Decorative fencing panels are perfect if you want a fence that will exude a more welcoming and attractive air and decorative fencing panels are the best option for you. Venetian fence panels, composed of horizontal timber slats with small gaps between them allow some light and air to pass through. Meanwhile, a hit and miss fence has slightly wider slats alternating from the front to the back of the panel, perfect for an even more open appearance.
  • Trellises can greatly boost the appearance of an existing fence, serve as a garden separator-wall, or just an elegant space to grow climber plants. They’re made of strong pressure treated timber battens with square or diamond holes in between. Smaller squares give more privacy, while larger squares or diamond trellises allow more sunlight to reach your plants and afford greater visibility.

Take To The Floor

The problem: a boring, discoloured and decaying floor carpet. The solution: wood floor carpentry. 

Solid wood, engineered wood, pre-packed wood, laminated wood floors, parquet flooring, natural planks, tongue-and-groove flooring, click flooring, the options are endless, but all wood floors offer some amazing advantages that will make your home look and feel better:

  • Wood floors are durable and incredibly resistant to wear and tear. This makes them long-lasting and a worthwhile investment.
  • Compared to man-made laminates, tiles or stone floors, wood floors hold in warmth much better, offering you comfort and heat underfoot, particularly during the winter.
  • Say goodbye to stressful carpet stains. Wood floors are very low-maintenance as spills and dirt can simply be brushed off since wood is generally resistant to liquid and dust particles
  • Pet owners and allergy sufferers will benefit from the hygienically-superior properties of wood flooring. Wood floors do not harbour parasites such as fleas or allergen producing spores. Any lingering pet odours can also be easily cleaned away.
  • Wood floors boast a timeless and elegant appearance, and each wood has its own distinctive nuance and character.

Getting Started With Atkins Home Improvements

Ready to transform your home through carpentry? Our experienced and friendly team at Atkins Home Improvements is here to help. We work on the principle of dialogue: the crafting, installing, finishing and maintaining of all your home improvements occurs in close collaboration with every client’s specific designs and dreams.

We want to help rejuvenate your home in a way that only high-quality, creative carpentry can. Contact us today on 01908597933 to start your carpentry journey with us.

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